Zombie Dice Review – Zombie Yahtzee


For 3-8 players and will take about 20 minutes to play. Concept is simple, you are a zombie and half to rack up more brains than your friends. Get shotgunned 3 times and your turn is over. Very simple to learn and play so this makes it perfect as an ice breaker or game you play while you get your more complicated board games setup. I have actually used this game to pick the turn sequence for a longer game.

Zombie Dice will fit in your pocket so makes this extremely portable as well. I have played this in line at the movie theater as well as bringing it up to my local beer bar.

How to Play

Game play is simple. You have 13 dice that are either red, yellow or green. Just like stop lights, green is good and red is bad with yellow being the color to throw caution to the wind and go through as long as you see no red light cameras. Take 3 dice blindly from the dice holder and roll them. Brains (its fun to say BBRRAAIIINNNNSSS each time you get one) go to the left, footprints in the middle and shotguns to the right. If you get 3 shotguns your turn is over and none of the brains you collected counts to your point total. After each roll you can choice to either roll 3 more dice or take your brains for points. Footprints have to be rerolled, so only take as many dice from the containers as you need to roll 3 dice. First person to 13 brains is the winner.

This is a pretty fun game to watch other players take their turn with every turn playing out a little bit differently. You can figure out your odds a bit depending on which dice you have on the table but this ends up being about 50% strategy and 50% dumb luck. Only 1-3 rounds can be played before boredom starts setting in, which is why this is a perfect started game before you move on to other games or just something you use to kill 20 minutes here or there. The zero setup and the fact that you can carry this in your pocket makes it ideal.

If you want to see a play through of Zombie Dice, nothing beats Table Top. Skip to 10:25 to start the section on Zombie Dice.

Where to get Zombie Dice

If you want to stick with local, your comic book store or board game store will have this game. Good chance that book stores are carrying this now. If you are like me and hate going outside, you can snag this for around $10 on Amazon.

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