Walking Dead Season 5 Tonight! Season 4 Recap

It has been 6 months since the end of Season 4, so you have an excuse if you do not remember everything that has happened up till now. Here is a refresher of everything in Season 4. First 4 minutes of the new episode tonight at the end of this post.

Season 4 – First Half

New characters are introduced in the premier. Some from Woodbury and some who were rescued on the road. On a supply run Beth Greene’s boyfriend, Zach, is killed. At the end of the premiere, one of the new characters, is shown getting sick, launching the sickness story line of the first five episodes.

The prison council (Rick stepped down) tries to come up with a plan to fight the sickness which ends up with someone killing Karen and another sick guy named David and burns their bodies. Since Karen was Tyresse’s girlfriend he is super pissed about that whole killing and burning. Rick looks into it and finds out it was Carol.

While everyone is dealing with the sickness the find out that someone is feeding rats to walkers at the prison fence. In episode 14 we discover it was Lizzie.

Michonne rides out on horseback trying to track down The Governor. Michonne, Daryl, Tyreese and Bob go on a supply run to find medicine at a nearby veterinary college. On they way over they hear a radio message advertising “sanctuary”. This place turns out to be Terminus and will show up prominently in the second half of the season.

During this run, Rick confronts Carol about the people killing and then banishes her to the suburbs in Episode 4. The vet supplies totally save a lot of sick people because medicine. Hershel and Michonne head outside again for more supplies, which is bad because The Governor is still watching the prison.

walking-dead-season-4-episode-8-the-walking-dead-season-5-is-nearly-here-look-at-the-greatest-episodes-so-farDuring this time the Governor found another group, acted less crazy and took over as the leader. He convinced them to attack the prison. The Governor abducts Michonne and Hershel to force Rick to give up the prison, but Rick all refuses saying to THINK OF THE CHILDREN and suggests that everyone can just get along. The Governor instead of agreeing to that cuts off Herchel’s head with Michonne’s katana. IN THE FACE. This launches the Governor vs Prison war in the finale of the first half of the season.

Season 4 – Second Half

The prison is destroyed and everyone is split up. Rick and The Governor fight, and Rick gets whipped. Michonne saves Rick, killing The Governor (though Lilly put him down) before she’s killed in a swarm.

Injured Rick and Carl wander off together leaving Michonne alone. Michonne escapes using pet zombies and eventually reunites with Rick and Carl at a nearby house. Maggie leaves blood on signs for Terminus telling Glenn to go there. Everyone ends up seeing Terminus signs and leads most of them to a common destination.

We get three new major characters, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita. They are on their way to Washington D.C. as a mission to connect scientist Eugene with others in the scientific community since he has answers on what happened in the outbreak.

Lizzie (who was feeding walkers in the first episode) is continuing to do crazy shit. Lizze kills her sister saying it’s OK because Mika will come back as a walker. Lizze plans on doing Judith next so Carol kills Lizzie, telling her to “look at the flowers” since that’s something her sister used to tell Lizze to calm her down. Carol then confesses to Tyreese that she killed Karen and David. Tyreese forgives her and they head off to Terminus.

9433731_1280x720Beth and Daryl leave the prison together. Daryl feels super sad so they decide to find alcohol and get wasted. They find peach schnapps first and since Daryl is a man they keep looking and find a moonshine cabin. They get drunk, talk about things and then burn some shit down. After leaving there they get separated at a funeral home where Beth is abducted by a dark car with a white cross. Daryl runs after the car, but since he is not a T1000, he does not catch up.

Daryl runs into a group led by Joe, who is someone Rick has issues with. Daryl bonds with this group but when they run back into Rick, Daryl stands by Rick. Rick goes hulk when someone tried to rape Carl and Rick bites Joe in the neck, killing him and brutally kills the others. This starts the badass Rick we shall see in Season 5, thank god.

The end of the season has everyone ending up on the same train together heading to Terminus.


Season 5 – Preview

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