I’ve been playing a lot of video games ever since I was a kid. Zombie games are one of my favorites because they give me chills and thrills while playing though it can’t be helped that I also get bored and sick when playing them a lot. Accidentally seeing this website was one of the best things that happened to me since I get to play a lot of video games without getting bored because they have too many games to choose from. I even tried those for kids just for fun though it’s all cool too.

– Daniel K.

I was searching for other games to play when my friend recommended this website to me. At first, I thought it wasn’t that good because too many games in a site might be a joke though I found out it was really interesting and fun. I’ve been playing a lot since then and I don’t regret checking this website out.

– Damon L.

As a Japanese, it’s already a habit of mine to play video games. The first thing I recognized and liked in the games available here was the visual effects and the animation. The concepts and story of the games too were awesome that I had to buy some games. I don’t regret it because the purchases weren’t that expensive and the games were worth it to buy and play.

– Kenta T.

The games were nice and I bought some of them since I find them so cool. Great job to the developers and creators of the games and the owners of this website. I hope to see more features and games next time because I already played almost half of the ones suited for my age. I’m looking forward for more improvements and available games though overall, I really loved the works from the website to the games.

– Gerard G.

About Zombies Everywhere

The founder of this website has always been a video games lover ever since he was a kid. In the eyes of many people, it was a bad habit and is something unhealthy for a child like him. But he didn’t think that this hobby of his was something that is not good for him because it’s not like he was addicted and unstoppable.

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