Scooby-Doo Zombie Hunter

This print from Travis Pitts came out in 2009 but is such a popular design I wanted to share it here.


This is one of my all time favorite mash-ups. I love the realistic interpolation of Velma as a bad ass zombie hunter.

Travis wrote about this design on (emphasis mine):

Sticking with my favorite theme of heroic girls (see: Robot Derby Girl, Diodes are a Girl’s Best Friend) and injecting realism or plausibilty to silly pop culture icons (ex: Madness of Mission 6 = PAC-MAN), I knew I wanted to make a certain teen detective her canine companion into the sole survivors of a Monsterpocalypse for the threadless loves Horror contest.

Everyone knows that it’s always the timid, quiet, second-string female character that gets the dramatic arc and has the wits and skill to survive most horror movies. I struggled for days trying to come up with a semi-realistic interpretation of this toughened, nerdy survivor-type gal- until I remembered I was dating one, and asked her to model for it. She agreed -took a series of pics herself and held an umbrella in place of the shotgun. She wasn’t sure about any of them but as soon as I saw the 3rd or 4th one I knew i had my pose. 🙂

The T-Shirt is still available for purchase at Threadless for $25. 
A nice $20 framed print can be purchased at ImageKind.
Travis also has a flickr photostream here.

If we want more awesome art work like this, it is important to support zombie artists!

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