Gory Squash Bowling – Halloween Party Ideas


As Halloween quickly approaches, pretty much everyone is planning or going to a Halloween party. Every year, it gets harder and harder to come up with original and unique ideas to amaze your friends with.

To help with this lack or originality, I present to you Squash Bowling. The premise and setup is pretty easy, but what is inside these ghoulish gourds should really step up your Halloween party.

What You Will Need

  • 10 medium sized squashes
  • Fake blood (Found at any Halloween supply store)
  • Flavor Injector (You can find these in any cooking supply store. It’s basically a giant needle)
  • Bowling Ball (Any heavy round object will do)
  • Paint (optional)
  • Duct Tape or anything to refill your injection hole
  • A big backyard or field you don’t mind getting a little messy.


Gather all 10 of the squashes and paint them however you like or don’t paint them if this is going to be a half ass party. You can paint them with the numbers as shown in the above picture or you can paint little faces or designs. Be as creative as you want.

Once they dry, get your fake blood mixed with water (1 part fake blood to every 2 parts water to make it go a little further). Put the blood mixture into your flavor injector and inject every squash with it. Stick the needle about half way through the squash in the fatter part of the bottom and fill it up as much as you can (Thats where the hollow part is and that is what will hold the blood mixture).

Cover the hole up with duct tape or whatever else you have to plug holes so the mix doesn’t ┬áleak out. Once you’ve done that with all the gourds, it’s time to line them up outside like a bowling alley and have at it! Since the skin of the gourds is a little thicker, it should take some time and quite a few hard hits to break them open, but when you do you’ll have yourself a head splitting gory gourd murder scene.

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