How many games do you have in this website?

We have more than 60 games and we are still developing a lot so people would like it more. But even though it isn’t easy to create such games since they undergo a lot of processes, we will still try to add more for the people’s entertainment.

Do you have games suitable for children 10 years old and below?

Yes, we do have video games that are really compatible with kids. The features and the concepts are milder than the other video games included in our website. These games can be classified through the suitability of players’ ages and can be found easily in the kids section.

Where do you get your inspiration and ideas in creating the video games?

Some of our games are created based on movies or videos but most are just created by the developers themselves with their own concepts and storylines. Their motivations to create these kinds of games are simply their passion, although some factors can affect the developers and inspire them to create games based on TV series or movies.

How can I purchase the games you offer?

First, you can message us regarding the purchasing and if ever the process of payment has any problems. But for an easier way, just go to our games and simply click the game you want to buy and follow through with the easy payment process. Instructions and details will be given.

I played a game once and created an account but can I delete my account if ever I want to? How?

Yes, your account can be deleted anytime if you want to. Go to your profile and find the settings, once you do, you will see ‘edit account’ and the deleting process can be seen easily. You will have to answer some questions before you fully erase all your data and confirmation through emails will be sent.