Friday, March 22

Researcher: Zombie Fads Peak When Society Unhappy

A Clemson University researcher says widespread interest in the world of the undead isn't just a random fad.

English professor Sarah Lauro says people are more interested in zombies when they're dissatisfied with society as a whole.

Lauro has been studying the concept of the "zombie walk," a mass gathering of people who dress in tattered clothing and stagger about like zombies. She says such events originated in Canada a decade ago.

Over the next few years, as the U.S. became embroiled in war in Iraq, Lauro says the concept gained popularity in this country and continued to grow.

She says that as of last year, zombie walks had been documented in 20 countries. Guinness World Records says the largest took place in 2010 in New Jersey, with 4,000 participants.


YeamieWaffles said...

I agree with the study as well. I mean when things are bad in society your mind can tend to drift off and dream of things such as society being overruled for a while by zombies, it's natural though interesting at the same time.

T. Roger Thomas said...

Sounds to me as if Sarah Lauro has an interesting way of thinking about the subject. This does cast these events in a more serious light than I have thought about them in the past.

Also, please switch off Captcha. I find it annoying.

Valerie said...

I was at the zombie walk in NJ for the World record. So much fun!!


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