Monday, March 25

Life Goes On: Post-Armageddon Investment Ideas

Dec. 21, 2012 came and went with nary a fireball falling from the sky. Doomsdayers and religious zealots are now scrambling to re-adjust now that they know the sun will come out tomorrow and for the foreseeable future. Some may have sold off all their earthly possessions and tangible assets, while others spent tens of thousands of dollars on a bunker they may now need only for tornados and hurricanes. Recovering financially from pre-doomsday activities can not only be done relatively quickly, but can keep you prepared in case the Mayans were off by a few months in their prediction.

Precious Metals

The world may not end due to fire and brimstone, but central bankers and their printing presses may well collapse the global economy in due time. The Federal Reserve has made clear it will continue its policy of "purchasing" $40 billion per month in mortgage debt through the early months of 2013. This means it will print $40 billion per month, hand it to member banks, and debase the currency all at the same time. The price of gold has grown sixfold in the past 10 years, while silver has skyrocketed by 1000 percent as a result of these money-printing policies. US Money Reserve is one of many providers who sell gold and silver bullion at real-time market prices. Many experts are predicting gold will reach the $3000-$5000 per ounce range by 2014, while silver's industrial uses will keep its demand high and supply low. Now is the time to purchase both metals to protect against hyperinflation, which inevitably will happen in 2013.

Wind Turbine

Though solar gets more publicity as far as an alternative energy source, a wind turbine can collect energy 24 hours a day in ideal conditions. Most manufacturers recommend you live in an area with an average wind speed of 10 miles-per-hour for maximum efficiency. A wind turbine, coupled with an 8-10 battery bank, can reliably power a small home's lights, refrigerator, and electronics. The key is to install the turbine at the highest point possible so trees and other objects cannot obstruct the wind's potential energy. Congress extended renewable energy tax credits in its fiscal cliff deal on New Year's Day, making turbines more affordable. The initial investment will pay for itself in a couple years, while you reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Fish Farming

Just because the apocalypse did not happen doesn't mean you should stop moving toward total self-sufficiency. Fish farming, or aquaponics, is a great way to produce your own food, if you have the space and time for it. The basics you will need to begin a fish farm is a pool, filtration system and water heaters. Once you add the fingerlings (baby fish), the idea is to keep the water clean by the removing the waste and keeping the pH levels balanced for maximum yield. A fish farm can be done indoors or outdoors, and will produce as much fish as the time you invest and the size of your operation.


YeamieWaffles said...

Interesting guide man that really shows that the world not ending doesn't financially mean the end of your own world. Fish farming is an interesting concept for sure when it comes to aiming for self sufficiency.

Anonymous said...

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