Wednesday, March 6

Bradley Cooper, Jessica Chastain and More Fight Sexy Zombies [Video]

In a world where everything scary has been turned sexy, one elite group of Hollywood's finest stands their ground and defends the world against the horrors of sexy zombies, mummy's, vampires and werewolves.

If you are having trouble figuring out what the hell I'm talking about, not to worry, I'll explain.

After the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel released what could only be described as the best sequel to ever be created. Movie: The Movie: 2V, a cheap follow up to last years smash hit, Movie: The Movie. In it, Hollywood's finest battle against the forces of sexy evil in a mash up of action, adventure, love, mystery, disaster, super hero's, and every other film cliche in the book.

Clearly a jab at how predictable and bland Hollywood has become over the years, MTM2V satisfies every craving the general public has for every film genre. Chances are, you'll enjoy this as well so sit back, relax and enjoy the flick.


YeamieWaffles said...

Not regretting checking this out at all man, absolutely awesome haha.

D4 said...

I find these depressing, because if he gave it a little more effort it would actually make money at the box office.