Friday, January 4

Zombi U Review

If you were a good little boy or girl this past holiday season then you undoubtedly got yourself a shiny new Wii U as well as a new iPhone 5 and a new Kindle and everything else that makes you a spoiled little brat. While you got your new Mario U and other kiddie games for the new Wii console, I'm sure mommy and daddy got themselves a little something themselves to play when you're asleep...

Zombi U, taking the "U" from the Wii U of course, is a first person shooter set in jolly old modern London during the zombie apocalypse. What sets this game apart from the droves of other lame zombie games out there is that it utilizes the new game pad perfectly to show off its new capabilities. Instead of staring at your television screen to look down the sights of the guns you acquire, you look down your new game pad as you would a weapon that would be in your hand.

When you're not mowing down helpless zombies with a gun you can use the pad to organize your inventory in an attache case of sorts, kinda like a more extreme version of tetris. But be careful, zombies can still get ya while you are reorganizing your stuff.

One thing that really impressed me about the game is that when you die you don't start over as the same character with your stuff still intact, your character is permanently dead and you start all over as a new British native, which while it becomes frustrating at times loosing all your inventory, it ads a sense of realism and consequence, all of which makes you really think about the decisions you make in the game.

All in all, if you are a spoiled little child and your parents got you a Wii U for the holidays, don't play this game. Its for adults for goodness sake! Your parents would be stupid to let you play. If you are that parent however and like a good zombie kill in the UK, I highly recommend picking up Zombi U.


A Beer For The Shower said...

I'm so torn. This game looks pretty awesome, but I really can't justify spending $400 for a Wii U system just to have it collect dust on my shelf after I'm done with Zombi U. Either that, or I have to learn to love "Mario Party 24, Mario ODs on Xanax" or "Zelda Part 17, Link Fights Leukemia." I mean, what else is there to fight after killing Ganon and saving the princess 16 times?

YeamieWaffles said...

I really like the game especially since it's not for kids. The thought of the undead eating brains and killing all around them just isn't for kids in general so this game really appeals to me for that reason. Like the guys above say though the expense is a little tough to justify I guess.

D4 said...

If they keep adding kick ass games like this, the console might actually be relevant.. I'm looking forward to it. Zombi U sounds fun.