Wednesday, January 2

Warm Bodies

With “Twilight” a lot of horror fans are asking where the love is for the other monsters in the business. You get the vampires and werewolves in the “Twilight” series which leaves zombies completely out of the loop. Sure they get “The Walking Dead” and whatever Hollywood decides to put out straight to DVD but no real love story. Well zombie fans, your quest has come to an end and I give to you “Warm Bodies”.

We’re not given an exact date on when the zombie apocalypse took place, but Earth has been taken over by zombies. There are a very few human resistance groups still out there just trying to survive. The story of “Warm Bodies” is actually told through a zombie named R. He goes through his day like every day in the airport where he’s lived for awhile. He wants to remember what he did and where he came from.

A group of resistance fighters show up close to the airport to get medical supplies. R and a group of zombies set out to find food and run into the group of humans. During the fight all the humans are killed except two girls. R sees one of the girls and instantly has love at first sight. He wipes some zombie blood on her and tells her to be quiet. He gets her all the way back to his airplane that he stays in from time to time to keep her safe. He finds out her name is Julie and that her dad is the head of the local resistance group.

R is played by Nicholas Hoult who is telling the entire story. Granted you don’t get a lot of different looks from zombies but you can tell by his eyes what he’s narrating the whole movie. Teresa Palmer plays his love interest of Julie. Her dad is played by John Malkovich who is hardnosed and almost felt like his role from “Red”. I really wanted him to jump out of some place with a pink pig. Rob Cordrry plays R’s only friend M who gets some good lines at the end of the movie thanks to the power of love.

Yes you have to wait until February to see this movie but it will be a great flick to take your girl to. There is love, zombies, guns, humor and ZOMBIES! “Warm Bodies” puts a new spin on the zombie flick and they do it in a good way. Go check this out when it comes out.



Punk Glam Queen said...

Haha my husband said the same thing about Malkovich in "Red"! My husband, teen, and I are all looking forward to this for the interesting twist on the zombie genre of film!

YeamieWaffles said...

This sounds really good to me, I've got to check this out man, love it when you review films and things like that that that are zombie related.

Random Girl said...

I saw the preview and at first thought, great... another uninteresting zombie movie Hollywood is trying to cram down our throats because zombies are big right now. But then I had a change of heart because there aren't too many zombie movies being made anymore and I should try all of them out. Not to mention World War Z looks like a major let down, so I hope this one is good.

D4 said...

Aww.. February? That's.. not.. alright. It sounds decent.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Awe I can't wait, I've seen the previews and it made me LOL a few times. Won't be any good zombie attacks I'm sure, but will give it a shot!!

Adorably Dead said...

At first when I heard about this I was so afraid it was going to be another Twilight, only with sparkling zombies. But after seeing the trailer I really want to see this. I love that they're not being serious and it looks hilarious.