Monday, January 7


SWAG. YOLO. Ratchet. Just a few "words" that basically sum up the worst generation in the history of mankind.Born between the late 90's and the early 2000's, this particular group prides itself on staying pretty, being popular and generally not giving a f*ck. Each and every day to them is a chance to show off their new way overpriced clothes, their hickeys from random partygoers from the night before or brag about how much better they are then everyone else. Singers and songwriters that would have been laughed off stage a few years back now clog the radiowaves with the same repetitive beat singing about how rich they are and how they are gonna "get yo girl", then complain about how there are so many haters. I'm looking directly at you Lil' Wayne and Niki Manaj. Thanks to the Yolo generation, these "songs" are now everywhere you go, you just cant escape it.

If there was ever a generation that would signal the end of the world as we know it, it would be this one by a lanslide. I weep for the children these idiots spawn as they will be too busy setting up baby's facebook and instagraming filtered shots of baby's food to remember to feed it. The sad thing is that they are already spawing off little bastards as we speak... They're only 14 themselves! #YOLO. Let's not forget their terrible drinking and smoking habits at such early ages. Drunk driving at an all time high? #YOLO

What really worrys me is that if there was some sort of national tragedy such as zombies, or commies invading, or general anarchy, these idiots either won't know how to deal with it. Even worse, they may know how to, but will be too worried about messing up their new kicks to do anything about it. #SWAG. There is one thing I'm certain of though, when the world does come to an end with this generation, there will be plenty of instagramed pictures of it.

Who needs dance moves when you got #SWAG?


Francis Lee said...

That GIF is horrible!

Carol and Kaitlyn's Krafts said...

So true! Makes me sick!

Carol (Carol's Creations)

YeamieWaffles said...

I agree with this so much Zombies Everywhere. Sometimes I can't help but believe that a lot of the people who use these stupid words aren't serious but often they sadly do tend to be.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

You're so right. Makes me sad my lil girl has to grow up with these idiots. That dude smashing his face in the floor is AWESOME!