Friday, January 25

Man With Assault Weapons and Drugs Was ‘Preparing for Zombies’

At a home in the 1900 block of Cloverdale in South Memphis, detectives say Kristen Miller,32, was stockpiling assault weapons and growing marijuana.
Last Wednesday afternoon knowing it could be a potentially dangerous situation they didn’t bust inside the home, instead waited for Miller to come out.

“They waited until he left the residence and caught him on a traffic stop and then when they stopped him he stated he had a weapon in his car as well as weapons in the house,” Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, Chip Washington, said.

Using Miller’s own key they went to his home and found 10 weapons ranging from pump action shot guns to assault rifles. One even equipped with a high-capacity magazine and a hundred round drum.
Another weapon investigators say was stolen from Southaven.
“The number of them is what’s troubling,” Washington said.

Investigators say he told them he needed the weapons to prepare for zombies.
Detectives also found 13 pot plants in a room transformed into a marijuana green house.
“It’s crazy,” neighbor Bryan Rich said.

Neighbors were shocked to hear what was going on a few doors down.
“I knew him but I didn’t know he had that,” Rich said. “ I knew he drove a tow truck. Cool guy.”
Rich said Miller was a good neighbor and never suspected anything.

“Every time he comes home he goes into his house. I’ve never seen anybody come to his house. No traffic nothing like that,” he said.

Miller was arrested, charged and booked in the Shelby County Jail. He remains there on a $60,000 bond.
The sheriff’s office relieved they got their man, the drugs and the guns off the street and no one got hurt.
“When someone has weapons like this you never know what could happen so they were very smart in how they executed this plan,” Washington said.



YeamieWaffles said...

For some reason despite it sounding like a bit of a lame excuse I wouldn't be surprised if that was his reason for the guns! We all know how bad a zombie apocalypse would be when it comes to needing weapons! I have no idea the reason behind the weed though, I guess to relax you when the rest of the world are dead or something haha!

Red Shoes said...

Did the article, though, say anywhere that the ownership of the firearms were illegal?

Because he had one that was stolen, it didn't necessarily mean he stole it...

Or were the charges filed for drug issues, which were omitted here?

I'm sure that there is a great deal to this story that has been omitted, but I would hate to think that someone would be considered a threat just because he/she owned firearms...

Anyway, back to zombie talk...