Monday, January 14

Left 4 Dead Zombies Do the Donkey Kong Rap

Some people might tell you that Donkey Kong 64 is an awful game. According to 10 year old me (my age the last time I played that game), they'd be wrong. But, hopefully everyone can agree that the Donkey Kong rap is fantastic?

Now, take that catchy tune, and add the Left 4 Dead zombies. What do you get? This amazing thing by YouTube user EdbotnikThe's.

Keep an eye on the witch.



YeamieWaffles said...

Like you I loved Donkey Kong and this rap video is actually incredible, seriously made me laugh, thanks for sharing this.

Francis Lee said...

I forgot about the witch!!!!!

MRanthrope said...

duuuuuude Donkey Kong Country was INSANELY awesome. I hooked my old SNES up last year for the first time in ages, and played that sucker like I was in grade school all over again.

Zombob said...

There's a Donkey Kong rap?!?