Wednesday, December 19

Zombie Body Paint

There are days I sit around and dream about what it would be like to be a zombie. How interesting it would be to just walk around the destroyed city, organs perhaps hanging out of lower torso, face maybe missing.

But then I think about how unbelievably painful that would end up being and I quickly go back to being thankful that I am still alive and human.

Across my many ventures to the deepest reaches of the internet I was able to find a way to live out my dream of being a zombie without being subjected to the intense pain that goes along with it. Zombie Body paint! Looks like I can have my brains and eat it too! Makeup artist Kenji  has gone above and beyond amazing with the creation of these walking and breathing works of art.


YeamieWaffles said...

This work is amazing and so damn realistic as well, I really love this post buddy, thanks for sharing all these cool photos with us.

D4 said...

Holy F*** BALLS this is cool! I wish I were a skinny pencil-like person just to pull these off

Warner Carter said...

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