Monday, September 3

19 Zombie Pokemon

One of the many things I still hold on to from my childhood would of course have to be the greatest thing to come out of Japan since, well ever! Pokemon! I can't even begin to tell you how many hours were spend in front of the television watching the show, in game stores buying the cards, or in toy stores looking for some Pikachu underwear. You might say my entire childhood revolved around the phrase "Gotta' Catch em All" and as far as I'm concerned so was everyone else my age around that time.

Sadly the sands of time made their pass and we all grew up, got jobs, went to school and the good ol Pokemon were lost to nothing but a distant fond memory. Around my college years I started to realize that you were never too cool to admit to the things you enjoy so I came out of the closet to my friends as still a fan of Pokemon. To my surprise they were as well, just waiting for someone to break the ice so they could come out also! It was a huge relief off all our backs not having to hide it anymore.

With that being said and my love for Pokemon still strong, I present to you some of the best Zombie Pokemon from around the net!


Adam said...

If only Capcom and Nintendo joined forces to make Resident Evil: Pokemon Dead.

YeamieWaffles said...

Zombie Charizard and Mewtwo are probably my two favourite Pokemons in this entire thing, great post man, thanks for sharing this, they all look so badass, the world of zombies and Pokemon go really well together.

D4 said...

Look at those adorable bundles of undeadMon-ness!

T. Roger Thomas said...

If I was into Pokemon this would appeal to me much more. I do still like the Pokemon.