Friday, August 10

Zombie Eye-wear

Greetings fellow zombies, walkers and undead alike!

Are you tired of the humans constantly getting away from you and your hunting party due to your poor vision? Tired of chasing humans at night and loosing them in the darkness? Have you just about given up on hunting humans all together? Well thanks to the amazing optometrists at Zomco Inc. a breakthrough discovery in zombie vision has been made.

No longer will you have to be handicapped by your half decaying eyes while on the hunt.

Zomco Inc., proud makers of the bulletproof face shield are pleased to announce their new product available to the general zombie public this fall. Undead-Specs! The future of zombie eye-wear

Unlike normal human glasses that are only formatted to adjust the living eye, Undead-Specs use revolutionary technology specially fitted to the decaying eye.

Studies have even concluded they slow the inevitable tragedy of ocular decay by at least three years. You and your family simply cant afford to shuffle another day without this afterlife changing product. Pre-order yours today!

He didn't see that coming because he didn't have Undead-Specs!


YeamieWaffles said...

This is such a funny piece of writing man, if I was a zombie I would so take this offer up.

[Retro-Zombie] said...

i think that we need a zomco product to better insure our future, as long as i don't have to wait 6 weeks to arrival. it might be too late.

D4 said...

Wonder how the price would work for this.. lol

Adsila said...

Finally, glasses for seeing impaired zombies!