Wednesday, August 22

Shakespeare and Zombies

As everyone knows, William Shakespeare is one the greatest writers and playwrights of all time. 'Hamlet' is one of his most popular works and contains the famous "to be or not to be" speech. As everyone also knows, zombies are reanimated corpses who feast on the living. They are found throughout history and enjoy a growing importance in pop culture. The two are now combined in 'Hamlet Z.'

'Hamlet Z' is a novel by Gil Austin. It takes the story of 'Hamlet' and throws zombies into the mix. The murder of the king and marriage to the queen by Claudius has upset God and caused the natural order of the world to become disrupted. Therefore, the dead rise from the grave to seek revenge of the troubled nation.

According to Austin, there were already supernatural elements in the original story.

"The supernatural elements in 'Hamlet' were already there. The ghost of Hamlet's father haunting the castle is famous, but the seed of the idea for 'Hamlet Z' came from a line in the opening scene, where they recall that 'the sheeted dead did squeak and gibber in the Roman streets' when Caesar died. It struck me that the zombie meme is a perfect metaphor for Hamlet's indecision, his moral paralysis."

According to, 'Hamlet Z' is in pre-production for a stage adaptation. Assembled Productions, LLC is creating set and costume designs, as well as scouting venues.


My reaction to Shakespeare mixed with Zombies. 


Adam said...

quite the concept

YeamieWaffles said...

All I can say after reading this is take my money! Shakespeare and zombies combined sounds like a winning formula to me.

Yolanda Renee said...

Why not, they've invaded all other genres -- they are after all taking over the world.

I just want to see a zombie reading my book in a movie, then I'll be a happy camper. I've had enough nightmares because of them, it's only fair!

The Angry Lurker said...

I agree with Bill!

D4 said...

Oh this could be sweet

T. Roger Thomas said...

Without a doubt there is an audience for this. I hope the production value is high enough to make this worth watching.